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Services Available to You
An adult's job performance or a child's school performance is often affected by her or his personal life.  Many times declining or less than optimal performance is caused by situational or chronic emotional stress, interpersonal, family and/or marital problems and the like.  A person's morale, performance or attitude can be significantly improved by obtaining professional assistance with such problems.
Services available include, but are not limited to, the following:
Mediation*                                            Assessments
          - Family                                                  - Educational & Intelligence
          - Child Custody                                       - Personality  
          - Visitation                                              - Competency to Stand Trial, etc.
          - Parent/Child Conflict                              - Gastric By-Pass Surgery Eligibility
                                                                        - Fitness for Duty
                                                                        - ADD/ADHD
          Consultation                                          Psychotherapy/Counseling*
          - Human Relations Development               - Adolescents    
          - Child Development                                 - Adults    
          - Academic Learning and/or                      - Couples
                 Behavioral Problems                         - Families
          Areas of Competence
          - Anger Management                               - Men's/Women's Issues 
          - Behavioral, Child Development &            - Parenting Skill Development 
                 Learning Problems                           - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
          - Grief/Bereavement                                 - School-Related Problems 
          - Interpersonal Issues                              - Substance Use/Abuse Disorders
          - Job/Family/School Stress                      - Pre-Marital/Marital/Separation                 
                                                                              Divorce & Remarriage Issues
We also provide expert witness testimony and assessments for determining mental and emotional injuries in employment litigation.    

     *Couples Therapy is employed to assist couples, married or not, to understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.  Couples therapy gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, effectively problem-solve and agree to disagree in healthier ways.

      In Family Therapy, the family is viewed as a system rather than simply the sum of its individual members.  Consequently, family therapy takes place with various family members present and focuses on the relationships within the family unit.  It may be either the primary focus of treatment or used as a supplement to individual therapy.  Rather than view problems as being caused or owned by a particular family member, family therapy works to identify the means by which relationships and individual problems are caused and/or maintained by family dynamics.

      Mediation utilizes a neutral third party specifically trained to help individuals resolve their issues in their family disputes, conflicts and/or divorce.  The mediator facilitates communication between and among the parties by making sure that each party is given uninterrupted time to speak, asking individuals to restate or explain a point when necessary and asking questions to make communications clear.  The mediator also provides information about the legal system, how issues may be viewed by lawyers or judges and what alternatives there may be for resolving perplexing or thorny issues.  The mediator will also refer individuals to third party experts as necessary, help individuals to develop a Memorandum of Understanding and refer them to their attorneys for review of the document.

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