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Our Approach to Therapy
While there are several broad categories of approaches to psychotherapy, we at Blue & Associates do not specifically subscribe to any one particular strategy.  Rather, our therapeutic orientation is eclectic and integrative, that is, we blend and adapt elements from a variety of counseling and psychological theories appropriate to your unique personal needs as a client and tailor your treatment accordingly.

In brief, the psychotherapeutic theories from which we blend our integrative counseling approach are as follows:
  • Behavior Therapy- This approach focuses on the role of learning in the development of both         normal and abnormal behaviors.  Behavior therapists apply principles of conditioning and               reinforcement to interfere with undesirable behaviors.  They focus on the problem behavior and       work with you to replace that behavior with more effective choices.
  • - Cognitive Therapy - This approach focuses on what people think rather than what they do.  The   premise here is that what and how one thinks dictates their behavior.
  • - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - This approach blends Behavior and Cognitive Therapy and         focuses on both one's thoughts and their behaviors.
  • - Humanistic Therapy - This approach emphasizes the individual's capacity to make rational         choices and develop to their maximum potential.  The premise here is that the client is the             "expert" on his or her life and seeks therapy with an inherent desire to behave in healthy and         productive ways.  The concern and respect for others are also important themes.                            
      Three classifications of humanistic therapy are particularly influential.
                 Client-centered Therapy - This approach rejects the idea of therapists as authorities on                        their client's inner experiences.  Instead, therapists help clients change by emphasizing their                  care, concern and interest.

                 Gestalt Therapy - The emphasis here is the importance of being aware of the here and now                    and accepting responsibility for oneself.

                 Existential Therapy - The focus here is on free will, self-determination and the search for                          meaning.

  • - Psychodynamic Therapy - This approach focuses on changing problematic behaviors,                 feelings and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations.
As stated earlier, our approach to treatment is integrative and we work to tailor your treatment to your unique personal needs.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with you, your family, friends and/or co-workers. 
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