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Fees & Insurance Coverage
Whatever problems you bring to us, our fees will not be a part of them.  Fees are based on the amount of time spent in each session.  Our fee is $175.00 for your initial visit and $140.00 per 45 minute session thereafter.  While the standard length of a session is 45 minutes, this may vary with individual circumstances.  Clients are responsible for payment at the time of each session unless other arrangements are made.  Psychological testing, court testimony, depositions, school visits, etc., are billed at a different rate and specific information will be provided to you prior to any action being taken. 
Blue & Associates participate in many health insurance and managed care plans which typically cover a major portion of the cost of treatment.  Inasmuch as each employer can structure their employee health plan differently, you are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance carrier with any questions you have regarding mental health benefits available to you and your family for in and out-of-network provider services.  The rates of coverage, limits and co-payments vary by insurance company and employer insurance plan. 
Pre-authorization may also be required before mental health services can begin and may require a phone call to the insurance company managing your mental health benefits for the authorization of services.  This would include determining what, if any, diagnostic categories are excluded from your coverage.  Please refer to your health insurance manual and consult directly with your insurance company with your questions related to your mental health benefits.
In instances where we have contracted with an insurance or managed care company, you will be responsible for any unmet insurance deductibles and/or co-payments and we will accept your co-payments or deductibles in accordance with that contract.  For co-payments not made at the time of service, a $10.00 surcharge will be added.  If we are not providers for your insurance company, you will be responsible for the entire cost of treatment which must be paid, in full, at the time services are rendered. 
Please be advised that limiting your mental health treatment solely to the benefits of your health plan may be hazardous to your mental health.
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