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As a mental health care provider, confidentiality is legally and ethically paramount.  More importantly, you have the right to have kept confidential all personal information shared with Blue & Associates during the course of your diagnosis and treatment.  Please be assured that your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence in accordance with the laws of Psychology, Social Work and the Ohio Revised Code.  Typically, Blue & Associates will only release information to others if you or your legal guardian sign a form allowing such a release.  We are sensitive to the need for developing and maintaining a trusting relationship in a safe therapeutic environment where you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings. 
However, in some specific circumstances the law does require your therapist to break confidentiality with or without your permission, for example, if you or someone else is at risk of serious harm.  You and your therapist may decide collaboratively that it is in your best interest for your therapist to exchange information with another party.  When and if it becomes necessary to disclose information to a third party, as in the case of insurance benefits or other requirements of law, you will be advised beforehand and your consent may be requested.  Again, with the above exceptions, our clients feel free to speak about whatever may be a concern to them knowing that it will remain confidential.

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