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Appointment Cancellation Policy
Unlike physicians or other professionals who “double book” and/or operate on a more flexible or inexact schedule, your appointments will always be set for a specific time.  It is therefore imperative that you appreciate the fact that a precise block of time has been set aside especially for you.  Our schedules and those of our clients are usually congested and your canceling or rescheduling appointments without sufficient (24 hour) notice usually means the loss of at least one hour of therapy. 
It is extremely difficult and often impossible to reassign your appointment time to another client on short notice.  Therefore, to avoid being charged for a missed session, we require 24 hours notice if you cannot attend the therapy session for which you have verbally contracted.  If you find that you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, please give us the courtesy of notifying our office at (216) 991-3500 or Dr. Blue directly at (440) 523-0088 and leave a message.

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