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 About Us

In aggregate, our staff possesses well over a century of professional experience in the areas of psychology, education, organizational development and group dynamics. 
Comprehensive mental health and consulting services are available to adolescents, adults, families, businesses and organizations.   
Change is not only a part of life, it is inevitable.  Unfortunately, all too often it is also a source of unwanted stress.  Stress, conflicts and problems at home, school or work typically interfere with one's ability to successfully complete the tasks at hand. 
You have the right and we insist that you remain actively involved in all decisions that are made about the goals of and plans for therapy.  The professionals at Blue & Associates are dedicated to assisting you in fully understanding the difficulties confronting you, developing a flexible plan to appropriately and effectively address those difficulties and successfully putting your plan into action. 
We would welcome the opportunity to work with you, your family, friends and/or co-workers. 
     Mon - Sat: By Appointment Only

     Sun: Family Time

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